January 17



“Will be back soon”, I whispered to my wife before leaving home, sneakily from my daughter. She will demand to go out, just like any 2 year old does.

As much i love her company, i cannot take her out now, i need to drive and she wont sit on a child seat with seat blets.

She did not notice me leaving and i locked the door from outside and went near the elevator.

There are 4 lifts, all are moving up and down but nothing near my floor, i keep waiting and suddenly i remember that i forgot my earphones.

I have to sneak away from my daughter for the second time, so i open the door slowly… these are the times we feel everything makes huge noise. I hear my foot steps, the closing of the door and almost everything is amplified to max volume. Anyways, I go inside my room, cannot find the earphones.

Oh yeah i kept it on the other room, the earphone cables seem sooo lengthy today, so i roll and fold it the way i could quickly and keep it inside my pocket. Luckily i got away without my daughter noticing.

Im driving the car, absolutely no traffic and i reach the destination early. Weather is nice so i decide to walk for a while, ‘Lets listen to an audio book’ i thought, taking my earphones to start listening yet another book on storywriting.

Argh.. the earphones are wierdly tangled. Looks like puzzle to be solved. I stop walking and focus on untangling it.

I try to untangle it fast and doesnt work out. This happens all the time, i know why people are in love with wireless earphones or pods, i am oldschool (and poor :p) so i stick with wired earphones. I smile at the tangled wires and analyze the loops, and decide to handle it one loop at a time. Why wont it work, it did work, i have untangled it, finally.

In the previous post i mentioned that there are tons of things going on in my mind, hundereds of things to do, but while untangling the earphones i realized, my approach has been the same for other asepcts of life.

1. If i took enough care, i would not have reached the tangled situation.

2. If i take time to analyze the situation and act in a patient calm manner i would end up untangling.

I understand, everything doesnt have to be so dramatic, but everything that happens with us happens for a reason. There is a lesson in every small or big misery we face.

I count on you to learn the lesson from your sufferings and wish you good luck untangling.

Wait, Is untangling even a word? I go back to google…..


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